Privacy Policy

The following customer information that we have acquired is covered by the privacy policy.

  • Information gathered by means of this application and website
  • Data gathered from our retail locations
  • Information gathered from customer emails sent
  • Information that the customer voluntarily provides to the business

Customers who actively use our community buy our products and provide us feedback on them. As a participant in our community, you are aware that only our official website is used to sell our authentic products. Any other mode of sale is not connected to us in any way, and we have no influence over it.

Use Of Information We Gather From You

The following are the ways in which the business must collect and use consumer information:

Provision Of This Service

The information will be used to deliver, support, and utilize this service as well as to create new services or orders.

For Product Sales And Delivery

You can provide us your name, email, credit card details, and mailing address, but we won’t use them to send you the things you’ve purchased from us.

Verifying Identity

We’ll use your information to verify your identity or address, such as when we need to confirm an order or purchase you made.

Goals of Research & Analysis

The business examines how customers are using its products and services, including whether they are using them individually or collectively. It also examines customer data. And how interested they are in our stuff.

Indication To A Third Party

As stated in the About & Technology sections, we may disclose your information, including your personal data, in the following ways:

  • To subcontractors who work for us, we might release information.
  • When faced with a legal procedure, or at our discretion, to the degree permissible under the law, in order to safeguard human life and physical safety, the interests of our business and third parties, and to thwart fraud.
  • When necessary to comply with particular laws, we may be required to release information.
  • To carry out your agreements with us, including our privacy policy,